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AR2i is a leading research laboratory dedicated to analytical methods and quality control of pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals and some cosmetic products, on behalf of laboratories and consulting companies.

With over ten years of experience, AR2i is recognised for its expertise and its management of analytical issues. Today, the laboratory is able to intervene from the analysis of the purity of raw materials that constitute the finished product, to stability testing of finished products in relation to time of conservation and in different temperature and humidity conditions.

The laboratory works in compliance with standards and specific conditions of analysis for each project. It also complies to GMP requirements for analytical control on finished products and raw materials. From the reception of samples to the issuing of certificates of analysis, the administrative staff, laboratory technicians and the managing team ensure the good running of the study.

Immeuble Le Carnot
18-22 Avenue Edouard Herriot
92350 Le Plessis Robinson
Tel: +33 1 4537 1093
Fax: +33 1 4537 0421

Analytical Development

Our R&D team develop analytical methods for identification and quantitation of raw materials in finished products or bulk. We then validate the technique on customer request and we work in accordance with GMP and ICH.

We intervene at various steps: Analytical method for determination of active ingredients and excipients Analytical method for identification and quantitation of impurities Analytical method for detection of related compounds Analytical method for dissolution in vitro assays (DIV) Further investigation is sometimes necessary to ensure the contact between the product and its container (flask, tubes, etc.)…

General Labware

AR2i distribute a wide range of laboratory products in France, made from both glass and plastic, as well as liquid handling instruments of the highest precision.

We also supply a wide range of equipment, instrumentation and basic lab consumables related to routine medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and research laboratory work.

Quality Control

The laboratory AR2i runs quality control testing in order to identify the presence of active ingredients, impurities, excipients and conservatives in a finished product or premix. Quantitative analyses are also performed to validate the conformity of the product in accordance with market existing standards.

These steps are conducted in compliance with the standards and analytical protocols provided by the customer, or according to protocols established by the European Pharmacopoeia. The laboratory is also able to develop specific analytical methods and to validate it on customer demand, then apply it for quality control analysis. We work in accordance with GMP…

Thin-Layer Chromatography Instruments

Since 1994 AR2i have specialised in the conception and manufacturing of innovative devices in the field of thin-layer chromatography instruments (TLC/HPTLC).

The developers of AR2i's devices have themselves a significant background in TLC/HPTLC technique. Our products are dedicated to TLC/HPTLC qualitative and quantitative areas on various topics, such as: Pharmaceuticals Cosmetics Herbal extracts Food Fats

WPE Technology: Aqueous Emulsions Manufacturing

In partnership with an engineer graduated from the French Centralian High School, AR2i's laboratory has developed an original process for aqueous emulsions manufacturing. It consists of a specific protocol that transforms a basis formula, like essential oil or vegetable oil, compositions of perfumes, food or cosmetic formulas, into an aqueous emulsion with no alcoholic component.

An emulsion is an homogenous mixture of two liquid substances that are not miscible, like water and oil. Mix process is possible by adding a small quantity of a second substance. The liquid remains stable thanks to a third ingredient that emulsifies the substances together. This component is called an emulsifier. The Water Plant Emulsion…
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