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Quality Control


The laboratory AR2i runs quality control testing in order to identify the presence of active ingredients, impurities, excipients and conservatives in a finished product or premix. Quantitative analyses are also performed to validate the conformity of the product in accordance with market existing standards.

These steps are conducted in compliance with the standards and analytical protocols provided by the customer, or according to protocols established by the European Pharmacopoeia. The laboratory is also able to develop specific analytical methods and to validate it on customer demand, then apply it for quality control analysis. We work in accordance with GMP and ICH.

Types of analysis available:

  • Identification of active ingredient (excipients, conservatives, active ingredients)
  • Quantitation of active incredients (excipients, conservatives, active ingredients)
  • Detection of impurities in finished products and in bulk mixes
  • Detection of related compounds
  • Quatitation of heavy metals in a mixture
  • Absorbance in UV and visible mode
  • Detection and quantitation of metals by AAS
  • Identification and quantitation of lipids extracted from samples of skin
  • Dissolution in vitro
  • Content-container interaction studies (materials tested are PP, PE and PET)
  • pH-metry, Karl Fischer testing, osmometry and ionometry

No analysis can be implemented without a clear and validated method.

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