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WPE Technology: Aqueous Emulsions Manufacturing


In partnership with an engineer graduated from the French Centralian High School, AR2i's laboratory has developed an original process for aqueous emulsions manufacturing. It consists of a specific protocol that transforms a basis formula, like essential oil or vegetable oil, compositions of perfumes, food or cosmetic formulas, into an aqueous emulsion with no alcoholic component.

An emulsion is an homogenous mixture of two liquid substances that are not miscible, like water and oil. Mix process is possible by adding a small quantity of a second substance. The liquid remains stable thanks to a third ingredient that emulsifies the substances together. This component is called an emulsifier.

The Water Plant Emulsion (WPE) process is based on specific manufacturing protocol that enables to obtain an extremely fine and aqueous emulsion with exceptional properties, thanks to the 100% vegetable emulsifier. This allows the development of a new range of alcohol-free products.

The main properties of the products manufactured with the WPE process are:

Its fluidity: The consistency of the product is similar to water, i.e. non viscous and non sticking. Application on skin, or absorption as a food supplement becomes easier and pelasant to touch and taste.

The homogenous mixture of all active ingredients: The WPE protocol produces a fine emulsion in which the active substances are separated equitably into very small particles, and are distributed regularly in the product.

The components included in the WPE process have INCI and IUPAC names, but also CAS and EINECS/Elincs numbers. They are all registered in the inventory of cosmetic ingredients. Some of them are used in food.

The process is compatible with the manufacturing requirements of Bio products.

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