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Pharmnet is an independent CRO located in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1994, it is currently a leading Czech clinical research organisation with a record of 180 Phase II-III clinical studies monitored in the Czech Republic and other CEE countries.

The Pharmnet team of CRAs and project managers consists of office based physicians and doctorate level professionals with up to 17 years of experience in clinical trials. Pharmnet’s original training methods qualify the CRAs to provide investigators with qualified advice in both routine activities and unexpected nonstandard situations.

Long-term trials in chronic disease

Our clinical studies are monitored from the Prague office, currently about 50 ones in parallel. Our intimate knowledge of local milieu allows us to establish an extensive network of investigators in any medical field in a considerably short amount of time: general medicine, psychiatry, neurology, rheumatology, oncology, cardiology, transplantation medicine, diabetology, gastroenterology, gynecology, respiratory diseases, urology, pediatrics, proctology, infectious diseases, hematology, vaccination, thromboembolic disorders and lipid disordes. We have extensive experience in organising long-term trials in chronic disease. Our quality staff perform the audits/comonitoring visits both within the company and for external clients. Our client base are pharmaceutical companies seeking fast recruitment rate and outstanding quality for a reasonable price (mainly repeat customers), as well as foreign CROs seeking a task-specific support in Czechia or Slovakia.

Pharmnet provides clinical development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. The company’s key services include the following:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Study site selection
  • Regulatory submission
  • Project management
  • Qualified translation of study documents to Czech or Slovak languages
  • Investigator and hospital grant negotiation and management
  • Investigators’ meeting organisation
  • Site initiation
  • Monitoring
  • Clinical supplies accountability
  • Audits, compliance monitoring visits, system audits (in Czech, Slovak, English and Russian)
  • GCP training
  • Noninterventional studies
  • Pharmacoeconomic studies
  • Medical writing
  • Datamanagement and statistics (via our contractual partners)

As a member of AcrossAlliance (, a full-service international consortium of local CROs, we are able to quickly expand our activity to an international dimension covering the whole of Europe. We have implemented an original ISO certified project management system based on careful planning, risk assessment and tracking all key parameters of the study. The company reported revenues of €2,063,000 during the fiscal year ended December 2009, an increase of 12% over 2008. The operating profit of the company was 31% during the fiscal year 2009, an increase of 37% over 2008. The net profit of the company was €498,000 during the fiscal year 2009, an increase of 68% over 2008.

Our comparative advantage over other CROs can be summarised as follows:

  • Pharmnet’s CRAs focus on detailed evaluation of source documents on site, assuring that the probability of non-reporting critical events is minimized
  • Pharmnet’s training methods passing the "company memory" to all employees qualify the CRAs for providing advice and support to investigators in unexpected and atypical situations
  • Scientific methodology background of the management team qualifies the CRAs trained in Pharmnet to make decisions with a full awareness of reason and ultimate objective of each step in the study, assuring the integrity and reliability of the study data
  • Project oriented approach with careful planning, risk assessment and tracking all key parameters of the study, allowing the early detection of problems and effective application of corrective actions;
  • Flexibility and respect for sponsor’s needs
  • Experience-based knowledge of local milieu, including individual performance and reliability of investigators
  • Know-how in fraud prevention and detection

Pharmnet s.r.o.
Peckova 13
186 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 224 814 545 / +420 224 813 166 / +420 603 801 416
FAX: +420 224 813 204

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