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BaseCon was established in 1999 to support the pharmaceutical sector with innovative IT solutions by using state-of-the-art technology combined with detailed knowledge of the requirements in the pharmaceutical sector.

It is our mission to constantly develop and implement simple IT solutions, to simplify procedures and make work routines more effective.

BaseCon employs professionals who understand the business needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to the design and delivery of validated, quality, system-based solutions. We understand the Good Pharmaceutical Practice (GxP) requirements, and we exploit the Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM) to ensure the right quality at all times.

We value customer service above anything else. This is the reason that our team of experts has been able to develop the most user-friendly pharmacovigilance solution available on the market.

Technical standardisation is important to ensure that products are simple to use and maintain. Web technology is used for communication and presentation. The user need only acquire a simple web browser.

Compliance and flexibility

It is the policy and practice of BaseCon that computerised systems and application software designed, developed, tested and maintained for our clients in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries comply with applicable US-FDA and EMEA GxP regulations and guidelines.

Requirements constantly change. Systems must be designed with maximum flexibility. The BaseCon solution provides maximum flexibility to position the workforce wherever is best, and without any geographical or organisational limitations. With our secure Internet technology the user does not have to concern himself where the system is based; for convenience it could be located anywhere.

Validation, backup procedures, and updating

BaseCon carries out the technical implementation and daily management of the IT system. BaseCon runs all programs on a central server and handles all validation, backup procedures, and updating as a part of normal maintenance.

S-MIME, Exchange Server, Application Service Provision (ASP), EDI/INT-AS1, and asymmetric key systems

When using Internet technology the focus is ultimately on security. All our products are designed to employ encrypted communication and digital signatures. We use industry-standard technology such as S-MIME, Exchange Server, Application Service Provision (ASP), EDI/INT-AS1, and asymmetric key systems accepted worldwide as the most reliable and trustworthy.

Electronic communication

In the pharmaceutical sector many different systems are in place. The systems are closely integrated with internal work procedures. A complete change of system is a complical process. As a user, however, you may want to take advantage of the benefits of electronic communication.

BaseCon A/S – IT Pharma Solutions

Hovedgaden 451J – DK-2640 Hedehusene,
Tel: +45 4697 6680
Fax: +45 4659 6680

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