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Laboratoria Smeets - Blending and Packaging of Pharmaceutical Powders

Laboratoria Smeets N.V. is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company, specialising in blending and packaging of pharmaceutical powders. According to Laboratoria Smeets, powders deserve full focus. They can be bulky and hard to handle, but with the right experience and equipment the powder market still holds a lot of promise.

Dispensers for products such as Talcum or 25kg bags for voluminous products

Laboratoria SmeetsLaboratoria Smeets produce roughly 300 million sachets per year. Their production runs are small to medium size. Other packaging forms offered are dispensers for products such as Talcum, or 25kg bags for voluminous products. Known for their reliability, flexibility and quality Laboratoria Smeets's experienced team of dedicated experts collaborates with customers on developing the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

The ingestion of powders in solutions prove to be more comfortable than the intake of tablets

Pharmaceutical products in powder form are a niche product. Powders offer the advantage of fast absorption and the ingestion of powders in solutions prove to be more comfortable than the intake of large, bulky tablets. The packaging of powders is typically in sachets which offer better barrier properties than PVC Blisters.

Laboratoria Smeets own a number of registered products which are offered to customers for distribution through their channels. If required, we can assist our customers with the formulation of their products.

API solubility and bioavailability

Laboratoria SmeetsWe have new patented technology for improving the solubility of some APIs.

The technology makes water soluble granules with twin screw extrusion technology.

Applications in veterinary medicine with antibiotics and analgesics for administration via drinking water.



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