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Laboratoria Smeets

Blending and Packaging of Pharmaceutical Powders

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Powder Manufacturing

Laboratoria Smeets

According to Labo Smeets, powders deserve full focus. They can be bulky and hard to handle, but with the right experience and equipment the powder market still holds a lot of promise. We produce several hundreds of millions of sachets per year. Our production runs are small to medium size. Other packaging forms are dispensers for products such as Talcum, or 25 kg bags for voluminous products.

Our core capabilities

  • powder formulation and blending
  • liquid formulation and blending
  • packaging liquids and powders

Our core end products

  • sachets of powders, liquids and tablets
  • containers (glass, plastic) of liquids and powders
  • bags of powders

Powder manufacturing

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