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Laboratoria Smeets

Blending and Packaging of Pharmaceutical Powders

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Powder Blending

Laboratoria Smeets

Our blending facility is fully equipped to handle powders in a controlled way. From sampling to blending, everything is performed under a controlled atmosphere. Temperature, humidity and relative pressure are regulated. Dust aspiration units are available everywhere.

The different blending units allow us to provide a solution for the most complex powder blends.


The NAUTA blending unit of 1,500l is a conical screw blender and is extremely reliable for powder blending and especially for adding liquid substances to the blend. Cleaning is facilitated by easy access doors.

Nauta blender

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The GLADIATOR blending unit (1,200l) is a powerful ribbon blender. The blending process is very fast, and larger conglomerates of product are easily broken.

Ribbon Blender

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The Planetary blender (90l) is perfect for running smaller quantities or to make premixes for ingredients with low dosage.

Planeta Blender

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