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Neopac was founded in 1900, more than 100 years ago, in Switzerland. We lead the way in the development and production of one to 300ml Polyfoil® barrier tubes - an in-house patented invention for the protection of high-quality products.

This technology was our best kept secret for a long time. Meanwhile, competitors have produced imitations of our products, but we have held on to our lead thanks to high-quality products, many years of experience and on-going innovation.

polyfoilAt Neopac, every new production line is set up in its own air-conditioned clean room in a safe location in Switzerland. The manufacturing process is precise and hygienic. In this way, we can be certain that every protective packaging only contains what it should. This is guaranteed amongst other things by materials (FDA/SFDA/REACH- and drug-master-file-guidelines) that comply with regulatory requirements and process quality certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 15378).

We are fully committed to our promise to protect what keeps healthy and beautiful. Company profits have always been reinvested into developing new technologies and production plants, and ensuring the safety of customers and staff alike. In the last five years alone, Neopac has invested more than 30million Swiss francs into optimising and further developing technologies, infrastructure and plant safety.

We are currently researching the next generation of protective packaging so that our customers and, in turn, their customers, can continue to benefit from maximum safety and security in the future.

Polyfoil packaging solutions for pharma products

As a leading tube manufacturer for pharmaceuticals, we know what a package has to fulfill. It must safeguard products containing minimal preservatives against external factors. We offer Polyfoil® tubes with many different application systems for accurate dosing and gentle application.

Find out about our Polyfoil® airless tubes, SofTips™, roll-ons and other sophisticated solutions by clicking on our products and services page.



Contact details:
Hoffmann Neopac

Burgdorfstrasse 22
3672 Oberdiessbach
Phone: +41 (0) 31 770 11 11
Fax: +41 (0) 31 770 13 13

Neopac Airless Tubes

Neopac offers a thoroughly impressive airless solution for oxygen-sensitive pharma products.

Neopac Polydose™ airless tubeElegant and with a self-sealing actuator, it avoids hardened product residues in the pump. In this way, the Polyfoil® high oxygen barrier in combination with the Megaplast airless pump form a dependable team in every application position for the range of 15ml to 150ml.Pharmaceutical applications:All oxygen-sensitive lotionsUV-sensitive products (sunscreens)Products requiring a precise…

Neopac Applicator Tubes

Neopac SofTips™ are new dispensing closures for tubes that combine precision with cleanliness, dispensing the product from a conical-shaped silicone valve. After releasing pressure on the tube, the silicone valve recloses to cut-off the product flow and keeps the package hygienically clean at all times.

Pharmaceutical applications:Care of impuritiesEyecareWart treatmentsSkin discolorationsScar ointmentsOther targeted, dermatological applications (creams, gels)Pinpoint® Polyfoil® TubeRibbontip™ Polyfoil® TubeNeopac Roll-on TubeNeopac has developped a small, convenient roll-on applicator that allows a small amount of the content to be applied to the spot to be treated. All materials of this patented system comply with pharmaceutical standards.Pharmaceutical applications:Topical lotionsTreatment of…

Neopac Child-Resistant Tubes

Child-resistant caps are a very important issue in the market, not only because of the new safety regulations in the USA. Neopac’s certified systems provide child resistant caps that are also easy for adults and the elderly to use. What is more, the high barrier properties of the Polyfoil® tube ensure that the contents are always well protected.

Neopac offers a range of child-resistant concepts for various applications. With the child-resistant design of the Twist'n'use™ system an internal pin is released when the closure is squeezed and turned and the liquid or cream can be applied selectively (singledose system). With the standard thread and nozzle head the multidose tube is opened by the…

Neopac Pharmaceutical Dropper Tubes

Dropper systems are normally found today in glass or plastic bottles. Glass is fragile and plastic has minimal barrier properties. For this reason, we have developed an outstanding dropper application for our Polyfoil barrier tubes.

The patented system is unbreakable, convenient to use and provides optimum protection for sensitive liquids. The size of the drops formed is always the same, ensuring consistent liquid medicine dosage.Pharmaceutical applications:Eye drops (oxygen-sensitive)Ear dropsNose drops (physiological solution)Cough dropsMedicines for small childrenNutraceuticals (dietary supplement)Disinfectant solutionsPhytotherapyColouringsVeterinary medicines 

Neopac Polaris™ Tubes

Neopac Polyfoil® tubes Polaris with cool tip applicators offer a maximum of aesthetic and convenience.

The combination of cooling HCT tips and Neopac's high-quality Polyfoil® tubes is an excellent primary packaging solution for rich creams and serums. The cool tip combines the cool touch of the high glossy coated metal tips associated with the ergonomic shapes to provide the ultimate beauty gesture. The Polyfoil® tube provides reliable protection against numerous…

Neopac Polyfoil® Tubes

Polyfoil® barrier tubes offer excellent protection against natural hazards, such as light, water vapor, oxygen, diffusion and corrosion. Plus, they incorporate user-friendly, safety-in-use features, as well as high-barrier properties.

The product portfolio ranges from single-dose tubes to multi-dose tubes, airless pump systems, metered drop dispensers, various child resistant and tamper-evident solutions. Different tube laminates have different properties to protect the bulk.«Swiss Quality» is synonymous with precision, high-quality, repeatability and great service. We have been making our Polyfoil® tubes in Switzerland for nearly 50 years.…

Neopac Roll-on Tube

Neopac has developped a small, convenient roll-on applicator that allows a small amount of the content to be applied to the spot to be treated. All materials of this patented system comply with pharmaceutical standards.

Pharmaceutical applicationsTopical lotionsTreatment of skin allergies and irritationsInsect bites and stingsAnti-transpirantsAthlete's foot

Neopac Tamper Evident Tubes

For a variety of applications, Neopac offers different head and closure styles with tamper evident features. For the best protection of your product and as an evidence for the consumer.

Membrane (security seal)TopStar™Nozzle cap with tear-off bandFliptop cap with tear-off bandSleeveTube with non-perforated top to cut off
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