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Neopac Airless Tubes


Neopac offers a thoroughly impressive airless solution for oxygen-sensitive pharma products.

Neopac Polydose™ airless tube

Elegant and with a self-sealing actuator, it avoids hardened product residues in the pump. In this way, the Polyfoil® high oxygen barrier in combination with the Megaplast airless pump form a dependable team in every application position for the range of 15ml to 150ml.

Neopac Polydose airless tube

Pharmaceutical applications:

  • All oxygen-sensitive lotions
  • UV-sensitive products (sunscreens)
  • Products requiring a precise dosing
  • Viscous products
  • Dermatological/topical products

Neopac Polyfaero® spray tube

The combined airless spray and Polyfoil® tube is very user-friendly and accurate for the output quantity. The airless-pump prevents external air from penetrating the repository and provides a high-level of protection for the product. The pump can be used in any position (360°).


Pharmaceutical applications:

  • Spray applications for face and body
  • Anti-inflammatory spray
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Band-aid
  • Ixodicide for animals

Neopac AirShield™

The AirShield™ is a two-component valve that is placed in the tube head. It prevents air from flowing back into the tube after the contents are dispensed. Together with the barrier properties of Polyfoil®, the AirShield™ tube provides the ideal protection for high quality products even after the tube is first opened. It ensures that the quality and effect of the products remain consistent throughout their lifecycle.

Pharmaceutical applications:

  • Oxygen-sensitive contents (e.g. retinol, vitamins)
  • Dermatological products
  • Chemical and technical applications
  • Dental products


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