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Neopac Child-Resistant Tubes


Child-resistant caps are a very important issue in the market, not only because of the new safety regulations in the USA. Neopac’s certified systems provide child resistant caps that are also easy for adults and the elderly to use. What is more, the high barrier properties of the Polyfoil® tube ensure that the contents are always well protected.

Neopac offers a range of child-resistant concepts for various applications. With the child-resistant design of the Twist’n’use™ system an internal pin is released when the closure is squeezed and turned and the liquid or cream can be applied selectively (singledose system). With the standard thread and nozzle head the multidose tube is opened by the push’n’turn movement. The systems are available for pilot studies in various sizes and designs.


Standard thread tube with child resistant cap

Nozzle tube with child resistant cap

Twist’n’use™ with child resistant cap (singledose application)


  • Child-resistant, certified in accordance with (DIN EN 14375 (twist’n’useTM CR) / ISO 8317 (standard thread/nozzle head tube CR) / USA Norm 16 CFR § 1700.20 (all CR systems))
  • Easy-to-open for the elderly people
  • High barrier properties for sensitive contents
  • Longer shelf-life compared to conventional
  • PE/PP packaging
  • Can be sterilised by y (gamma) and/or x-ray
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