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Healthcare Packaging and Dispensing Solutions

September 5, 2010

Preservative-Free Applications

MeadWestvaco Corp. has announced results from an online survey of 100 pharmacists in the UK regarding their preference for dispensing...
pharmacuetical business review
September 5, 2010

MWV Healthcare Completes Industrialization of Preservative-free Nasal Pump

Preservative-free pump meets growing market need: Seven out of ten physicians prefer to prescribe preservative-free drugs, according to MWV survey.
pharmacuetical business review


MeadWestvaco MWV

MWV is a global leader in healthcare packaging and packaging solutions.

MWV Healthcare is a trusted partner of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, retailers, pharmacies, and contract packagers. We are a comprehensive healthcare packaging service provider dedicated to reducing medication error and preventable harm by providing full life cycle packaging support from clinical trials through commercialisation and brand maturity. For over a decade, we have been global leaders in adherence packaging solutions, serving our clienteles’ over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceutical, clinical trial and physician sample needs.

Healthcare adherence packaging solutions for clinical, Rx and OTC

Industry experience combined with market insights, innovation and state of the art production and support capability enable us to deliver solutions that meet the needs of pharmacists, brand managers, healthcare providers, and most importantly, patients. At MWV Healthcare, we make brand impressions, not just containers. Our deep customer insight provides understanding of the role packaging has in the consumer brand relationship. The power of MWV Healthcare solutions is in translating your brand’s positioning, messaging and creative to enable an emotional and real connection with every patient, every day.

Pharmaceutical dispensing solutions

As the global leader in packaging innovation, MWV provides our partners in drug delivery state-of-the-art dispensing systems and sprayers that meet our customer and patient needs. We continue to drive innovation of nasal, oral, topical and optic drug delivery systems for the entire pharmaceutical industry through research and development, project management, design optimisation and high-speed component assembly.

And our tailored, award-winning packages improve adherence, maintain senior-friendly access and earn the highest child resistance ratings. MWV is also committed to providing our customers with packages that provide security features and anti-counterfeiting technologies that preserve product integrity. Our global manufacturing facilities are PS9000, Six Sigma ISO 9001:2000 and cGMP registered. And our facilities undergo more than 50 audits a year from multiple global healthcare and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers.

About MWV: MWV is a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions. We provide innovative products and valuable services to consumer products companies in the beauty and personal care, healthcare, food, beverage, food service, tobacco, home and garden, and commercial printing industries – solutions that help them take their products to market and shape their brands in the consumer marketplace.

Corporate Headquarters
501 South 5th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219-0501

US: +1 800 864 2685
UK: +353 1 8825 800

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Now with a new and improved design, this flagship adherence package is designed to prompt and educate patients to take medication correctly and on time for both clinical trials and commercial applications. The printable inner card is ideal for illustrating titration, making it easier for patients to comply with a complex regimen.

Dosepak® pharmaceutical packaging helps patients remember to take medication correctly and on time. A folding push-through blister pack delivers pills in single, controlled doses. Pill calendars and educational inserts help patients remember to follow doctor's orders. And the sturdy, protective, outer carton locks children out yet remains senior-friendly. Features and benefits: Blister Card The folding,…

Dosepak Express®

Also with a new and improved design, Dosepak Express offers both the space to communicate important branding and patient education information on the pack outer, and a simple blister card inner for production efficiencies.

Dosepak Express® is a child-resistant, senior-friendly medication pack designed to prompt and educate patients to take medication correctly and on time. The integrated blister and paperboard pack provides product differentiation and billboard space for brand owners. For manufacturers, it is easily automated on existing production lines. Features and benefits Child-safe and senior-friendly, and easy to…


Injectapak is a durable consumer-friendly adherence package that can accommodate either syringes or vials in a protective, unit-of-use package.

Innovative and durable, our Injectapak® pharmaceutical packaging shields vials and syringes from harm during shipment. Built-in, tamper-evident features assure patients that medication is safe to administer. Generous space for dosing instructions and health education helps patients remember to take their medication on time, every time. Features and benefits: Scalable Injectapack pharmaceutical packaging is highly scalable…

Mark II™

Fine Mist Sprayer, the Mark II was the first pump ever qualified as a very fine mist (VFM) by independent laboratories. Mark II offers a wide variety of adapters for oral, topical and nasal delivery systems.

The Mark II™ was the first pump ever qualified as a very fine mist (VFM) by independent laboratories. Closure, crimp-on and snap-on versions are all available along with an assortment of actuators especially adapted for the pharmaceutical market. Highlights • Available in a large array of closure sizes including ferrule systems • Good selection of…


Med-Easy is an adherence package that fits as easily into lifestyles as it does pockets and supply chains. A great fit for OTC manufacturers looking to differentiate their brands in a way that is simple and flexible to fulfill.

The Med-Easy® blister-pack medication pack is our latest healthcare packaging innovation. It is portable, discreet, simple to use, and is easy to open and dispense – with plenty of billboard space for branding. In-depth research and dialogue with patients and consumers led MWV Healthcare to design the Med-Easy® pharmaceutical packaging product that fully satisfies your…


The MK™ sprayer offers a wide variety of adapters for oral, topical and nasal delivery systems. The MK™ can be customized to provide liquid dispensing solutions that suit specific manufacturers' OTC and Rx needs. It is offered in a range of output volumes. MK has excellent priming capabilities for a range of products delivering a preciuse dose and fine atomization throughout the device's use.

The MK™ sprayer offers a wide variety of adapters for oral, topical and nasal delivery systems, and is available in many standard closure sizes. Highlights • Provides tight control of output, spray pattern and particle size. • Has a Drug Master File (DMF) Specifications Adapters: Nasal 2-Piece Round, Nasal 2-Piece Square, Nasal 3-piece Round, Nasal…


Our latest innovation in pharmaceutical spray pumps, the Preservative Free Pump Nasal (PFP N) is a nasal delivery device suitable for all sensitive, non-preserved prescription drug formulations. PFP N is a safe and highly effective device for without preservative products, with a design that ensures full protection of the pharmaceutical formulation. The mechanical tip-seal prevents clogging and can be adjusted to optimize the spray characteristics.

Give patients what they want - your medication without preservatives with PFP N, a preservative-free nasal spray pump. The latest technology MWV's newest primary delivery system innovation, PFP N, is a state-of-the-art preservative-free metered nasal spray pump, designed to keep the medication 100% germ free while allowing you to achieve the therapeutic effect you want.…


Shellpak® is the #1 F=1 child resistant award-winning adherence package. Shellpak consists of a blister card with a printed calendar inside of a protective outer shell. Shellpak gives consumers confidence that they can adhere to medication routines and that their pills will be protected.

Shellpak® packages are award-winning, first-of-their-kind blister packages. Thin, molded plastic "shells" protect fragile pills. Push-button technology lets seniors in and keeps children out. And a wide range of configuration options and generous space for graphics open up unprecedented marketing and branding opportunities. Features and benefits Shellpak® compliance packaging helps administer pills to patients safely, accurately…


Surepak® is an ideal adherence package for standardization and automation of clinical studies accommodating a range of blister sizes inside a protective container.

Surepak® packaging is a flexible container that accommodates various blister card sizes. Its built-in, outer locking mechanisms earned the highest child resistance rating from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, yet it remains easy for senior adults to open. Features and benefits Surepak® packaging combines rigid plastic and paperboard components, and is available in two…
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