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MeadWestvaco MWV

Our latest innovation in pharmaceutical spray pumps, the Preservative Free Pump Nasal (PFP N) is a nasal delivery device suitable for all sensitive, non-preserved prescription drug formulations. PFP N is a safe and highly effective device for without preservative products, with a design that ensures full protection of the pharmaceutical formulation. The mechanical tip-seal prevents clogging and can be adjusted to optimize the spray characteristics.

Give patients what they want – your medication without preservatives with PFP N, a preservative-free nasal spray pump.

The latest technology

MWV’s newest primary delivery system innovation, PFP N, is a state-of-the-art preservative-free metered nasal spray pump, designed to keep the medication 100% germ free while allowing you to achieve the therapeutic effect you want. Preservative-free formulations represent a growing trend in prescription and over-the-counter nasal spray medications.

Better experience for patients

Now patients can have a better dosing experience with less irritation and stinging that can be caused by preservatives. Patients are confident they will get an accurate and consistent dose from PFP N. Our research shows that physicians are more likely to prescribe or recommend preservative-free medications.

Good for your brand

PFP N is a device that can allow you to extend and enhance your brand identity through a product life cycle management strategy. By reformulating to remove a preservative and using a novel delivery method, it may be possible to extend commercial exclusivity.

A partner for you

Designed for the patient, PFP N provides complete formulation protection in a proven and tested preservative-free system. MWV can configure PFP N to meet your needs. We are a full-service healthcare delivery solutions company. With our supply chain partners in microbiological testing, sterilisation, aseptic filling and bottles – we provide seamless end-to-end service.


• 100% germ free
• Uses non-silver spring or oligodynamic components
• Shut-off valve to avoid contamination
• Filter system for venting air (non-venting version without filer system available)
• Complete pump can be sterilized via gamma irradiation
• Easy-to-customise finger flange and hood
• Full-service supply chain
• Has a Drug Master File (DMF)

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