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Med-Easy is an adherence package that fits as easily into lifestyles as it does pockets and supply chains. A great fit for OTC manufacturers looking to differentiate their brands in a way that is simple and flexible to fulfill.

The Med-Easy® blister-pack medication pack is our latest healthcare packaging innovation. It is portable, discreet, simple to use, and is easy to open and dispense – with plenty of billboard space for branding.

In-depth research and dialogue with patients and consumers led MWV Healthcare to design the Med-Easy® pharmaceutical packaging product that fully satisfies your customers’ needs.

The Med-Easy pack offers a host of exceptional features benefiting consumers and healthcare brand owners.

It can significantly differentiate a product, enhance shelf presence, and increase brand equity and loyalty.

Med-Easy is portable. Slim and rectangular, we made Med-Easy very convenient for your patients to carry their medication. “…is very suitable for taking with me in my shirt pocket or inside jacket.” – patient (Munich, Germany).

Med-Easy is easy-to-use

Designed for simple, one-handed operation, the blister pack slides in and out for dispensing or can be completely removed. “I like it over the boxes…easier to open.” – patient (London, England).

Med-Easy is discreet

The small, book-like design makes it attractive and discreet for patients. “…when you travel, no one would think it is a medication.” – patient (Munich, Germany).

Differentiate your brand

Med-Easy offers extra space for optimal branding and patient education, and can include an optional printed leaflet, with expanded drug information, instructions or safety messages on the inside, freeing space for brand messaging on the outside of the pack.

Choose from a single pack format with the potential for more than one blister card, or a convenient, distinctive “ready for retail” dispenser, for further differentiation.

Fulfill with ease

We manufacture Med-Easy for simple conversion and fulfillment. The pack fits into manufacturer supply chains with minimum risk and maximum flexibility.

Download product information (PDF).

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