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ARTES Biotechnology

Contract R&D Services and Patent Protected Expression Systems for Recombinant...

September 27, 2010

ARTES Steps Further Into the Vaccine Business by Acquiring Anavax

ARTES Biotechnology announced today the acquirement of the ANAVAX virus-like particle (VLP) technology from Select Vaccines Ltd. ANAVAX is a...
pharmacuetical business review
April 29, 2010

Injectable Sustained Release Formulations of Therapeutic Proteins

Q Chip Ltd and ARTES Biotechnology GmbH announce that they have signed a Collaborative Agreement to explore the co-development of...
pharmacuetical business review


ARTES Biotechnology

ARTES Biotechnology offers contract R&D services with innovative solutions for recombinant strain development in microbial expression systems.

ARTES provides technology and know-how for the establishment of reliable and competitive processes, used for e.g. the production of innovative targets that are applied in the life science industry, for fine chemicals or as biobetters.

ARTES focuses on protein production from the yeasts Hansenula polymorpha and Arxula adeninivorans. These platform technologies are secured by exclusive licenses as well as additional components like the chaperone technology (ultimate tool to improve secretion) or the Xplor® Vector System (tool for evaluation and screening of yeast).

ARTES’ team has more than 20 years experience in commercial project management in contract research, in gene expression trouble-shooting and in the set-up of manufacturing processes. Altogether this has resulted in marketed products approved amongst others by the US-FDA.

ARTES’ services include:

  • Production of stable integrants
  • Optimisation of expression strains
  • Genomic characterisation of production strains
  • Optimisation of protein secretion
  • Optimisation of culture conditions
  • Fermentation development
  • Downstream processing
  • Protein analytics
  • Project management
  • Tech-transfer

ARTES offers tailor-made studies for the generation of recombinant production strains to provide the most efficient solution.

Technology platforms

The need for suitable expression systems for the highly efficient and reliable production of pharmaceutical and industrial proteins is increasing continuously due to ever-growing new and generic target proteins. The selection of an appropriate and economic expression system is a crucial decision during any development. To assist in this process ARTES offers customer tailored studies and services. Please see the product tab to see the services.

Track record

  • Pharmaceutical and feed/food products registered worldwide
  • Biosimilars marketed include Hepatitis B vaccines, Insulin, Interferon alpha 2a and Hirudin
  • Industrial enzymes approved by US-FDA a.o.
  • GRAS confirmation for several products achieved

Elisabeth-Selbert-Str. 9
40764 Langenfeld, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 2173 27587-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2173 27587-77

Arxula – Expression From Yeast Cells and Fungal Mycels

Feasibility study for generation of a characterised production cell line.

With Arxula, ARTES provides an exclusively protected technology platform with new features and striking initial achievements. As yeast this organism is able to grow fast and in a unicellular form. Via a temperature shift a mycelial growth can be induced, allowing secretion of recombinant proteins from fungal culture. Several industrial enzymes and pharmaceutical proteins, e.g.…

Chaperones – The Ultimate Tool to Improve Secretion

Via overexpression of selected chaperones, ARTES provides the tool to engineer and optimise secretion of recombinant proteins in yeast.

In the course of this study, selected chaperones such as Calnexin or SEB, but also other "helper" proteins like the processing enzyme KEX2 can be co-integrated into a genome of the production cell line in order to increase the intracellular level of these endogeneous host proteins. Using this approach, ARTES has been able to improve…

Hansenula – The Acknowledged System

As an eukaryotic organism Hansenula allows the efficient secretion of authentic protein products. Stable integration of your target gene in a high copy number, excellent strain and product stability, unmet productivity and process economy as well as the absence of pathogens and pyrogens make Hansenula a reliable and accepted system for a number of commercial products.

ARTES provides its genuine experience in performing Hansenula production strain selection ideally suited for further process development towards GMP status. A complete Hansenula Feasibility Study on commercially attractive protein production is performed within four months by highly experienced staff in ARTES' laboratories. To generate the best suited protein production conditions for your individual gene, ARTES…

Xplor Vector System – ARTES’ Yeast Screening Tool

Evaluation study for selection of an appropriate yeast host.

In contrast to the Hansenula and Arxula Feasibility Study, the Xplor Vector Study aims at comparative evaluation of qualitative differences in the recombinant protein expressed from different yeast species (e.g. Hansenula, Arxula, Pichia, Saccharomyces, Debaryomyces, Yarrowia). Differences in processing of protein precursor, in protein stability or in post-translational modification can be examined in such a…
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