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Arxula – Expression From Yeast Cells and Fungal Mycels

ARTES Biotechnology

Feasibility study for generation of a characterised production cell line.

With Arxula, ARTES provides an exclusively protected technology platform with new features and striking initial achievements. As yeast this organism is able to grow fast and in a unicellular form. Via a temperature shift a mycelial growth can be induced, allowing secretion of recombinant proteins from fungal culture. Several industrial enzymes and pharmaceutical proteins, e.g. scFV, have already successfully passed Proof-of-Concept.

The technology platform offered in this study includes stable integration of recombinant expression vectors and/or cassettes in a desired copy number. A variety of selection marker is available designed for low or high copy integration. The combination of this feature together with different promoters established for recombinant gene expression forms the basis for an optimised expression level. Expression cassettes can be designed and applied void of any bacterial sequences.

In close collaboration with the research group headed by Prof Dr G Kunze at the IPK Gatersleben, ARTES offers tailor made studies, adapted to each individual target protein. The outstanding and long experience of the Arxula research group allows for optimal project performance and timely delivery of results.

The complete study includes gene analysis and design, cloning of expression cassettes, generation and characterisation of stable recombinant Arxula yeast cells, screening of transformants for target protein production and selection of an Arxula production clone.

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