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Hansenula – The Acknowledged System

ARTES Biotechnology

As an eukaryotic organism Hansenula allows the efficient secretion of authentic protein products. Stable integration of your target gene in a high copy number, excellent strain and product stability, unmet productivity and process economy as well as the absence of pathogens and pyrogens make Hansenula a reliable and accepted system for a number of commercial products.

ARTES provides its genuine experience in performing Hansenula production strain selection ideally suited for further process development towards GMP status. A complete Hansenula Feasibility Study on commercially attractive protein production is performed within four months by highly experienced staff in ARTES’ laboratories.

To generate the best suited protein production conditions for your individual gene, ARTES selects the most promising set from several promoters, signal sequences, expression vectors and expression techniques available.

ARTES’ R&D services include gene analysis and design, construction of expression vectors, generation and characterisation of stable recombinant Hansenula yeast cells, screening of transformants for target protein production and selection of the production strain.

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