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Tablet Dedusters

LFA Machines

This is an automatic tablet de-duster. This unit can be incorporated into an existing line very easily. The unit releases compressed air whilst a vacuum extracts any loose dust. Simultaneously the tablets are moved around a 5-layer agitating plate, which loosens any lasting dust. The unit can be fully detached for thorough cleaning.

Our tablet de dusters can be set up in a production line with any of our tablet presses. This item is essential if large quantities of tablets are going to be produced.

Tablet De-Dusters come with a 1-year part warranty and lifetime technical support. We will be happy to do training for this product at the LFA showroom or at your premises for a fee.

The UHDD-200 tablet de-duster removes excess powder from tablets after pressing. A good quality tablet de-dusting solution is key part of equipment for any production line where substantial numbers of tablets are being produced. The UHDD-200 was specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any rotary tablet press. Once the de-dusted the tablets exit via a shoot at the top, meaning the machine easily fits into existing production lines.

The Tablet Dust Vacuum is a purpose-built machine for removing the tabletting dust that is a by-product of all tablet production lines. It can be used with many models of tablet press as well as some capsule fillers. This industrial powder vacuum is also perfect for use with our Tablet De Dusters.

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