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Mobile Internet Solutions for Patient Communication

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Patient Recruitment Solutions

Exco InTouch

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Approximately 80% of clinical trials fail to meet their recruitment target! Slow recruitment and poor patient retention are the major reasons for the early termination of clinical trials.

Studies now require increasing numbers of patients to satisfy regulatory, scientific and marketing requirements and the cost of ineffectual campaigns are significant due to expensive delays in regulatory approval and market launch.

Enhancing recruitment into clinical trials allows sponsor companies to reduce time to database lock and ultimately to bring new drugs to market faster. Targeted advertising is an effective method of enhancing recruitment rates into participating sites.

The Exco InTouch SOLUTION

Finding good quality patients and volunteers for your clinical trials is a continuing challenge. Exco InTouch mobile solutions can help target, identify, locate and pre-screen your patient population. To date, our recruitment services have been used by Phase 1 Clinics, Contract Research Organisations, Patient Recruitment Agencies & Pharmaceutical Companies.

• Combining SMS with traditional marketing media such as radio, poster and newsprint advertising, Exco InTouch can provide tailored information for both new and existing patients and volunteers.

• Mobile technology can either be incorporated into your existing call centre infrastructure or configured to provide an automated pre-screening facility for your sites.

• SMS provides a new channel to target patients and deliver timely reminders regarding screening appointments and trial prerequisites such as abstaining from alcohol or returning a sample.

• Good quality people are extremely hard to find! So make it easier by sending messages to aid retention and ‘VRM’ – Volunteer Relationship Management.


• Simple and cost effective solution reduces recruitment timelines by improving recruitment response rates.
• Simple to set up and maintain across multiple countries and languages.

• Sites and countries can easily be added / removed from the system as required by the study.

• Reporting on the volume of respondents and the efficacy of different advertising media.

• Increases the number of eligible patients and reduces the cost of screen failures.

• Rapid candidate response rates.

• Increases response rates over traditional patient recruitment methods by 20-30%.

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