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The VH Series Powder Mixers are semi-automatic mixing machines designed for combining dry powdered materials. Ranging from the VH8 Powder Mixer which has a maximum capacity of 8 litres (approximately 2.5 kg depending on the density of the raw material) all the way up to the VH 500 Powder Mixer, with a maximum capacity of 500 litres (approximately 140 kg), this outstanding range of seven versatile and reliable mixers is suitable for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the food industry, including food technology applications, animal fodder production, ceramics and metallurgy, and any application that requires the thorough combining of two or more dry powders or granules.


The RBM Ribbon Blender series consists of five highly efficient, trough format powder mixers that use stainless steel mixing blades to thoroughly combine dry or moist ingredients including powders and pastes. They are available in mixing capacities ranging from 100 litres up to 500 litres.



The LSM Laboratory Bin Mixer is perfect for R&D and small batch production. Available in two different sized bins of 50 and 100L. It is designed to be able to replicate the exact mixing probities of a production sized bin mixer but on a scale that can be used to conduct R&D.

Ideal for small business, R&D departments and universities, the LSM has a floor plan from as little as 950mm x 1,280mm.


The CTM Column IBC Bin Mixer from LFA is ideally suited for small to medium production runs. With the capacity to hold IBC mixing bins from 50-500kg in capacity (80-800L) It allows business to be flexible in the size of mixing bin they are using, this is a necessity as mixing small mixes in large bins can lead to separation.


The FBM Fixed Bin Mixer form LFA Mixers is the largest mixer we do. With a capacity ranging from 200-10000L, it is able to hold up to 5000kg of your product for mixing in a single batch.

With extremely simple construction, this machine is both reliable. It comes as standard with all contact parts in 304 stainless steel but can be custom built with any finish you require.

The ECM High Efficiency Powder Mixer from LFA Mixers is our tastes high shear mixer. Able to mix batches from 20-200kg in a matter of minutes. With 4 bin sizes of 100, 200, 300 and 400 letters, it can be built to suit the requirements of your business.


The BLM Bin Mixer for LFA Mixers Is perfect for companies manufacturing their products in medium to large batches. With detachable IBC’s from 400L to 3000L in volume, it allows the easy transfer of materials from decanting, to mixing and then into the next step in the production process.

As the IBC is detachable it allows the operator to have multiple bins. Reducing changeover times and allowing for maximum uptime of the mixer. It also means that decanting, filling and cleaning can be performed in isolated areas reducing, wastage, contamination and saving time and money.

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