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Fragment Libraries

Life Chemicals Inc.

Fragment based drug discovery has been shown to be highly effective and promising alternative to high-throughput screening. Life Chemicals offers original Fragment Library containing 50,000 lead-like, small MW (<300) and low cLogP (<3) diverse compounds. It includes 32,000 in-stock compounds available for immediate delivery and 18,000 tangible compounds that can be synthesized upon request.

In accordance with the most efficient tendencies in fragment based approach to drug discovery Life Chemicals has prepared following unique subsets:

  • General Fragments Library
  • Superior Fragment Library
  • Fragment Library with Guaranteed Solubility
  • Fsp3-enriched Fragment Library
  • Fluorinated Fragment Library
  • Bromine-based Fragment Library
  • PPI Fragment Library
  • 3D Fragment Library
  • "Start Small & Stay Small" Zenobia Therapeutics and Life Chemicals joint fragment library
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