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Guanidine HCl


Guanidine HCl is a white crystalline powder that is used as a denaturant to unfold proteins and turn them into their original polypeptide chains. It is commonly used in the isolation of RNA by dissociating the RNA into its nucleic acids and protein forms.

At BioSpectra, Guanidine HCl is manufactured using a validated process following cGMP guidelines. All equipment used in the manufacture of Guanidine HCl is dedicated to that process to ensure the highest quality and purity. All raw materials used in the Guanidine HCl process are received through an extensive supplier approval program and are tested for quality and purity before use.

During the manufacturing, the quality control unit tests the material at specific intervals in the process to ensure that the material meets compliance. All of BioSpectra’s finished Guanidine HCl product is tested against designated specifications to ensure the highest purity.

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