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Guanidine HCl


The chemical name of Guanidine HCl is Guanidinium Hydrochloride. Guanidine HCl is a chaotropic agent used to disrupt the structure of proteins.

As a denaturant it acts to unfold proteins and turn them into their original polypeptide chains. It is commonly utilised in the isolation of RNA by dissociating the RNA into its nucleic acids and protein forms. At higher concentrations Guanidine HCl decreases enzyme activity. It is also used to increase the solubility of hydrophobic molecules. Guanidine HCl is available as a US manufactured buffer; it is tested and approved to ensure that it is in its purest form. It is available in three different grades: Bio Industrial, Bio Synthesised and Bio Ultra. Through our different product lines, Guanidine HCl is available in multiple sizes and packages to meet your specific needs.

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