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Helvoet Pharma

Primary and Secondary Packaging Components

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Diagnostic Components

Helvoet Pharma

Helvoet Pharma boasts leading expertise in dedicated rubber formulations, specific manufacturing processes and product treatments for reliable diagnostic system components.

Precision-manufactured rubber components are vital to the safe and reliable functioning of a variety of evacuated blood collection and storage systems. Helvoet Pharma has built up unprecedented expertise in these areas and offers a range of high-quality, customised formulations and manufacturing solutions.   Diagnostic components

Sophisticated designs

Helvoet Pharma components for tubes and drawing needles achieve extremely low fragmentation while combining optimal reseal and vacuum retention with smooth machineabilty. All our diagnostic system components are custom engineered to fit a wide variety of designs. The range typically consists of 13mm and 16mm vacuum tube stoppers, needle sleeves and septa.

Trusted partners

Our competence, experience and proven knowhow in the field of diagnostic components is at your disposal. We are experienced in working with customers to develop new products and designs and operate according to strict confidentiality agreements.

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