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Multi-Task Intense Pulsed UV Light System for Air and Surfaces

Wek-Tek’s Multi-Task Intense Pulsed UV Light System has been proven for the UV most resistant spores – B. Pumilos by the Baxter Corp. (USA) on our similar lab system at the certified lab in Tubingen.

B. Pumilos recently became the standard test spore in the pharmaceutical industry. For all other bacteria, viruses and spores the 6 logs reduction needs just one second.

The system limited general description:
The system general view. It comes with one or two air-cooled UV flash lamps. Consuming power for 1 lamp system is ca.1,100w, for two lamps: ca. 2,200w, operating voltage is 230V or 115V at 50Hz or 60Hz. The footprint: 45cm x 45cm, the height: 130cm, the weight is 37kg, lamp lasts for ca. 1,000 250m³ rooms.

The system can perform all three tasks:

Task #1: the full air disinfection in a room of 250m³ in just 15 min. It is safe to be around this system during its work only on air sterilization. It will also sterilize air while performing two other tasks below.

Task#2: Sterilizing walls, beds, surgery tables and tools, while during its work people have to be out of the room. The full sterilization time for all surfaces and air in a room of 10m x 10m and 2.5m high (250m³): 1h-1.5h.

Task#3: sterilizing infusion bags with freshly filled customized medications. It t is important for serving patients relying on specific medications filled into saline infusion bags. New regulations require any freshly filled infusion bag to be fully (up to 6 logs) sterilized within an hour or so before serving a patient. Only with the system like this, it is possible. It will also sterilize air around.

The system can be ordered in one of 3 versions:

#1: with analogue controls, #2: with interactive LCD preprogrammed controls, and #3: versions #1 or #2 with robotic movements in a room.