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Munters Quantum™ Desiccant Rotor – A Break Through Within Product Drying and Cooling Processes

The new Munters Quantum™ rotor is a further refinement of our "work horse" the HPS (High Performance Silicagel) rotor that is the heart of most Munters dehumidifiers sold today.

This advanced Quantum™ rotor provide large dehumidification capacity (∆ X) and is designed from a unique desiccant blend suitable for high reactivation temperature applications like drying processes. (At high reactivation temperatures standard desiccant rotors normally loose performance over time).

With Munters Quantum™ rotor it is possible to dehumidify ambient air to very dry conditions (DeltaX up to 15 g/kg) without requiring any pre cooling which secures very dry and hygienic process environment without any condensate.

For these reasons the worlds leading manufacturers of eg. baby milk powder trust Munters and the Quantum™ rotor for demanding processes like cooling and spray drying, saving up to 40% energy.

Desiccant rotor

The basic principle shows the design of a desiccant rotor for the drying technique. The rotor works on the principle of sorption by which a desiccant removes water vapor directly from the air. The rotor is divided into two segments; process air and regeneration air. A sealing system prevents mixing of the air flows. The air to be dried passes through the desiccant wheel and the desiccant removes the water vapor from the air and holds it while rotating. As the moisture laden desiccant passes through the reactivation sector, the water vapor is transferred to a heated airstream, which is exhausted to the outside.
The process is continuous, allowing for highly effective and uninterrupted dehumidification.

Sensitive processes like spray drying processes are highly affected by the outdoor climate and on warm, humid summer days production might even be ceased as to too long drying times and following inadequate product quality and costly waste. The Munters Quantum™ desiccant rotor ensures an optimum process climate by creating "winter conditions" around the year, granting increased production capacity, higher product quality and even energy savings as waste heat from the process can be utilized for regeneration of the rotor.

Munters Quantum™ rotor offers you significant benefits:

  • Maximized water removal (huge ∆ X ) – independent of outdoor conditions and without any pre-cooling
  • Maximum production efficiency and quality/improved COP
  • Improved hygiene thanks to the absence of pre-coolers wet surfaces and condensate
  • Certified bactericidal and fungicidal qualities make it applicable for food applications
  • Reduced latent operational energy costs as the system runs on primary energy sources (natural gas), steam and /or combined with waste heat.
  • Less and easy maintenance
  • Free of refrigerants and other environmental hazardous materials
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and carbon footprint