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Stand Alone Dehumidifiers


Munters stand alone dehumidifiers provide the dry air needed to optimise climate conditions in warehouses, transport systems, production facilities and cold stores. Based on decades of experience Munters offers a global range of standard units, easy to install, easy to maintain, and offer a number of control options and product finishes to suit your operating or hygiene requirements. Examples of dehumidifiers commonly used for pharmaceutical applications.

ML- series – The desiccant dehumidifiers in the ML series are designed to efficiently dehumidify in low moisture applications. They are equipped with an internally sealed rotor unit. The rotor casing is constructed of durable thermoset plastic and contains isolated sections that provide a precise balance for dehumidification, reactivation, and heat recovery airflows. The rugged formed metal frame and access
panels are produced from corrosion resistant Aluzink®.

Nominal airflows from 1802,300m³/h and available with aircooled condensor.

MLT-series – is a series based on the ML unit and especially optimised for storage applications. Air volumes range from 350 to 3000m³/h. High capacity at low energy consumption.

MX/MX² series – Designed for warehouses, production facilities etc. Regeneration by electricity, steam or gas. Heat recovery system available for even higher efficiency. Air volumes range from 2,700 to 9,500m³/h.

IceDry Munters IceDry is a special version of the ML dehumidifiers that has been specially designed for installation in cold stores to and freezer systems. Food Tec Award-winning system with air volumes from 1,400-3,000m³/h

Ice and snow build up on cold store ceilings, walls and floors has the potential to cause unsafe working conditions especially on uneven floors where fork lift trucks carry loads at speed. The reduced visibility from fog increases loading and unloading times, and ice on evaporators can lead to increased frequency of defrosts and additional maintenance. The build up of ice and frost on packaging can make cardboard boxes collapse, affecting product quality, and prevent barcode scanners from working correctly .

Munters IceDry® alleviates all these issues by dehumidifying the incoming air from inside the cold store and removing high moisture levels which cause condensation, which at these sub-zero temperatures quickly turn to frost and ice.

Systems for full climate control

System solutions for demanding pharmaceutical applications where strict climate control is a must.
Combining the desiccant technology with pre- and post treatment processes like cooling, heating, humidification and filtration Munters’ system solutions offer full control of both temperature and humidity.

Munters’ systems are built up by modules according to your specific needs.

A system solution reduces the foot print, requires only one supplier and After Sales partner and by means of the range of energy saving options you will always benefit from the best energy efficiency available.

The majority of Munters’ system solutions are available for outdoor installation also.

ML Plus – The MLPlus system is designed for sensitive production processes offering an energy saving climate control in only one unit – creating optimal production climate around the year. Air volumes range up to 5,500m³/h.

MDU systems for demanding applications and big air volumes – up to 100,000m³/h. As close to tailor-made as you can get, MDU is constructed around a modular system in which all units are designed to meet the specific preferences and fulfil EU norms for performance and quality at the same time.

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