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Software Outfit Tackles Multibillion-Dollar Bugaboo in Clinical Trials

CluePoints, which has offices in Cambridge, MA, and Belgium, says that its patent-pending software called SMART features algorithms that can spot anomalies and site errors in data sets from CROs and pharma sponsors. Its service and reports back to customers are intended to help them identify the source of inaccuracies and aid them in pinpointing which clinics in trials should be closely monitored.

Pharma companies could use the service to form strategies to efficiently monitor clinical trial sites, which can span the globe and offer varying levels of quality from one place to the next. With billions of dollars at stake in the development of new drugs, pharma companies spend billions of dollars annually to monitor clinical trial sites. And CluePoints claims that it can help pharma outfits take a risk-based approach to monitoring sites, focusing on the problematic ones and potentially trimming costs in the process.


CluePoints is one of the latest in a series of software companies to tackle inefficiencies in site monitoring, with other companies such as Clinical Ink and PharmaVigilant taking different approaches to easing the burden.

As PharmaTimes reported, CluePoints is a spinoff of the International Drug Development Institute, the Belgian outfit that deserves much of the credit for the algorithms that support CluePoints’ SMART platform. Also, CluePoints names the vaccines division of GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) as a partner that provided data used to develop the platform.