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Hi-Tec-Training – Training Centre for Service Technicians

We enhance supporting skills up to certified professionality.

Customer facing employees are the calling card of every company. Targeted training of the respective skills decisively enhances the positive effect and facilitates satisfaction – internally, and on the part of the cliental.

Hi-Tec-Training offers all of the set-up instruments and tools required for professional and friendly customer contact, including measures which assure effectiveness in practical implementation. Choose one of our existing training modules or define the aims and focus yourself by choosing an individual module. In conjunction with experts, our training management produces a tailored programme containing the requisite contents. Visit our website for additional information and details.

Aftercare service

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of our courses (and thus your satisfaction), Hi-Tec-Training also offers an aftercare service such as customer satisfaction surveys, mystery-caller/shopper, regularly repeated online tests and update units are available by email.

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