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Medical Greens obtains license for Dharmanol

PBR Staff Writer Published 11 October 2013

Medical Greens, a subsidiary of SK3 Group, has obtained the exclusive license for Dharmanol for the State of California.

Dr Charles Apel of Berkeley Bio-Organic Research Laboratories has developed a proprietary technology to extract, stabilize, and preserve the medicinal cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana in their non-psychoactive form.

This technology allows patients to consume cannabinoid medicine without any of the 'high' or 'stoned' effects.

Dharmanol (pronounced DAR-mah-nol) will be available in two forms: low-dose non-psychoactive tablets and high-doses.

The low-dose non-psychoactive tablets can be taken daily as a nutritional supplement to stimulate the endo-cannabinoid system, an internal system which controls and regulates many other bodily systems such as immune response.

Much research has shown that there is substantial medicinal benefit in 'stimulating' a compromised endo-cannabinoid system with cannabinoids, causing the other systems to work as they should.

These tablets will contain an array of the most beneficial non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Each tablet will contain 5mg of CBD, 5mg of mixed cannabinoids in their non-psychoactive form (known as mixed carboxylates) and 5mg of a steam-distilled mixture of the natural terpenes and terpenoids found in cannabis and hemp.

The terpene element is thought to be responsible for the increased medicinal efficacy of 'whole plant' cannabis preparations.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is using high dosage Dharmanol much like the 'Simpson' therapy. High doses can be taken daily with no psychoactive effects.

Dharmanol tablets will be distributed through the collectives managed by or partnered with Medical Greens, which currently has products in over 75 collectives in the state of California.