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UV-VIS Spectral Analysis of DNA/RNA, Protein or Small Compounds

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The Xpose™ 'Touch & Go' reader is a next generation micro-volume QC tool offering high-speed DNA, RNA and proteins quantification and in-depth contamination analysis.

Simply load your samples (2µl) onto the Xpose slides on your bench, insert the slide into the Xpose reader and select the quantification app on the touch screen. No repetitive drop & clean actions. Pre-defined apps on the touch screen allow selection of traditional spectroscopy (A260/A280) or advanced spectral content profiling able to quantify isolated bio-samples while determining the amount of impurities present as real content QC.


Key benefits are:

  • Compact design, minimal bench space
  • Stand-alone with full color touch screen
  • Read 2 ul sample droplets on Xpose™ slides
  • 16 samples in less than two minutes
  • In depth analysis of contaminating substances in the sample
  • 0.03 – 200 OD (10 mm path equivalents, using Xpose slide-200)

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