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World Courier

Offering Fully-Integrated GxP-Compliant Global Transport and Storage for the Pharmaceutical...

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World Courier: Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution

World Courier

Supply chain optimization and operational efficiency demand more than just safe and timely transport. World Courier not only ensures products and samples are delivered on time and in optimal condition, we also provide the clinical development community with services that enhance the performance of their R&D investments.

With company-owned GMP-compliant facilities, comprehensive SOPs and a proprietary CTM management software system, our 14 investigational drug storage depots help customers access the most demanding regulatory environments. Strategically located to reach the fastest growing emerging markets, our depots offer an unparalleled service, including comparator sourcing and commercial drug storage in many locations.

world courier

No other specialty logistics company in the world has the experienced personnel, global offices and in-market expertise required to ensure the optimal handling, transport and delivery of vital medicine that World Courier has. We help you improve product access and achieve optimal business outcomes with timely delivery of high-value products, unsurpassed knowledge and proven processes. Rely on World Courier for:

  • Full GMP-compliant storage facilities with validated areas for investigational drugs and medical devices
  • Storage areas for clinical trial materials in the following temperature ranges:
  • controlled ambient(+15°C to +25°C)
  • refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)
  • frozen (-25°C to -15°C)
  • deep frozen (-80°C to -60°C) on demand
  • Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C) on demand
  • Reception and redundant checking of each received shipment
  • Certification of: MAWB, Certificate of Analysis, Commercial Invoices, Packing List, etc.
  • Redundant security mechanisms in preparing and shipping procedures
  • Same-day or next-day delivery to all intra-country locations in accordance with the documentation of each IVRS and sponsor’s requirements
  • Immediate confirmation of delivery with time, date and name of the individual accepting the shipment
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • In-transit temperature management

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