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Vetter Pharma International

Aseptically Prefilled Syringe Systems, Cartridges and Vials

Vetter Solutions

Vetter Pharma International

Vetter Solutions develops proprietary, patented innovations. The Vetter Lyo-Ject® dual-chamber syringe was designed especially for pharmaceuticals preserved by freeze-drying.

One chamber contains the lyophilised drug; the other, the solution. The drug is reconstituted immediately before application. This all-in-one concept enables longer storage periods and a more user-friendly product, as well as more accurate dosing. Vetter’s V-LK® dual-chamber cartridge enables multiple dosages of lyophilised drug, and is used in pen and auto-injection systems.

The V-OVS® tamper-evident closure system promotes patient safety and can be installed on conventional prefilled syringes.

Vetter Solutions includes:

  • Dual-chamber technology: Vetter Lyo-Ject®, V-LK®
  • Anti-counterfeiting measures: V-OVS®
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