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Aseptically Prefilled Syringe Systems, Cartridges and Vials

Vetter Development Service

Vetter Pharma International

It is essential that a substance and its delivery system are optimally compatible. Biotechnology drugs, in particular, contain highly sensitive active ingredients that can interact with the drug-delivery system. Other considerations include a drug's sensitivity to oxygen or to the silicone that coats the inside of a syringe to lubricate the plunger.

Vetter Development Service specialises in taking complex compounds from preclinical development through market launch. In close collaboration with its customers, Vetter selects:

  • The drug-delivery system that matches the requirements of the drug in development
  • Appropriate processes, such as lyophilisation (freeze-drying) for unstable products
  • Suitable transport magazines and secondary packaging components
  • Special inspection devices and methods

During manufacture, state-of-the-art technology and methods minimise loss of active ingredient. To help prevent surprises at market production, commercial manufacturing processes are replicated in early-stage laboratories. At phase III, products are transferred to Vetter Commercial Manufacturing for large-scale filling.

Vetter Development Service provides:

  • Primary and secondary packaging development
  • Process development
  • Clinical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical analysis and stability storage
  • Regulatory affairs services
  • Transfer to Vetter Commercial Manufacturing
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