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cDNA Synthesis

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VERTIS specialises in the preparation of high-quality cDNA from all RNA species, as well as a whole range of variation of organisms, tissues and environmental samples.

VERTIS has developed techniques that enable reliable production of cDNA.

Application-specific cDNA synthesis protocols


cDNA synthesis protocol

Whole transcriptome analysis with complete coverage of the transcriptomes Random-primed cDNA
Digital gene expression (DEG) – measurement of the expression level of all genes 3′-fragment cDNA
Cap analysis gene expression (CAGE) – for genome-wide identification of transcription start sites (TSSs) 5′-fragment cDNA
Small RNA analysis (e.g. miR) Small RNA cDNA
Parallel analysis of RNA Ends (PARE) – for high-throughput identification of microRNA (miRNA) targets PARE cDNA (according to German et al. 2009, NATURE PROTOCOLS, VOL.4 NO.3)
Preparation of cDNA from low amounts of starting material, down to a few nanograms of total RNA Micro-quantity cDNA

RNA-seq applications for eukaryotic transcriptome analyses


RNA-seq applications for prokaryotic transcriptome analyses


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