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Geodis Wilson

Global Pharmaceutical Freight Management Services

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Value-Added Services

Geodis Wilson

On top of the freight services come value-added services, such as insurance and customs clearance, but also the logistics handling services.

Delivering your goods from door-to-door on time from one continent to another is one thing. It’s quite another to use this transit time to release your company’s tied-up capital. Geodis Wilson accomplishes both with a global freight management network and a range of value-added services. These services allow you to increase your warehouse turnover rate, simplify administration, and turn fixed overheads into floating costs.

From Buenos Aires to Hong Kong or Copenhagen to Sydney, we add value by optimising the flow of your goods. The result? You can focus on your business. Our value-services include:

Customs clearance

You can turn fixed costs into floating costs by outsourcing your customs-related administration to Geodis Wilson. We offer a full range of services for customs formalities related to the export and import of a broad range of commodities.

Specifically, we are able to handle tasks such as customs clearance, import clearance, VAT formalities and Intrastat reporting. Our clearance experts have an in-depth understanding of local conditions and regulations.

Distribution and cross docking

Geodis Wilson is able to combine volumes from different origins and consolidate them into one final delivery to the consignee. This means you can reduce storage costs, improve transport economy by consolidating into one “large” shipment, and reduce inventory costs by streamlining the flow from the supplier. We can also deconsolidate large shipments for distribution to multiple consignees.

Warehousing and storage

In your line of business you may experience seasonal changes and temporary overflows. In such instances we can offer you flexible storage solutions for which you do not have to make any capital investments. Instead, you share our resources and reduce supply chain costs. By utilising our warehousing solutions, you can turn fixed costs into floating costs.

Packing, sorting and labelling

While we are managing the flow of cargo we can pack and label products to prepare them for direct store deliveries. We can also re-pack and label to adapt to local market situations. Once the products reach your warehouse, you can get them straight onto the shelves.

Loading and unloading containers

Geodis Wilson is a specialist in container load optimisation, the art of utilising the full capacity of a container to achieve the best possible transport economy. We offer container loading/unloading inspections to monitor quality of operations and apply container load principles to improve efficiency when unloading and bringing into stock.

Accidents happen. Are your goods fully insured?

You can face financial risks if your goods are lost or damaged during transport, warehousing or precarriage. Standard conventions dictate that freight forwarders have limited weight-based liability, so you may want to take out more appropriate, additional insurance.

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