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TruLogic Controller

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The TruLogic™ Controller is powered by a DeltaV Controller capable of controlling up to twelve bioreactors.

Each TruLogic Controller can be networked with additional TruLogic Controllers to create a control
network capable of managing several hundred bioreactors.

A TruLogic can be connected to TruViu hardware, or other peripheral hardware devices for flexible
bioreactor control. Finally, a TruLogic Controller can also interface to other OPC compliant instrumentation through the DeltaV network computers.


  • Powered by the DeltaV Controller
  • Supports Modbus, DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus DP remote I/O
  • Controls up to eight bioreactors
  • Requires as few as three DST’s per bioreactor controlled
  • Able to interface with new or existing 3rd-party devices such as controllers, analysers and more…
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