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TRS100 – Rapid Analysis System


The TRS100 enables Content uniformity analysis, Rapid formulation development and Pharmaceutical R&D.

  • Analyse hundreds of tablets or capsules in minutes
  • Easy-to-build calibration models
  • Works through capsule shells and tablet coatings
  • No sample preparation, wet chemistry or skilled testing resource
  • APIs, excipients, polymorphs and other crystalline forms

Cobalt’s transmission Raman technology enables high-performance non-destructive and non-invasive bulk assay of dosage forms such as capsules, tablets, gels, solutions/suspensions or powders without sample preparation.


Easier to implement than other spectroscopic methods, Cobalt’s transmission Raman technology simplifies method-development for routine quality control. See our page on Transmission Raman for more information about the benefits of this technology.

The instrument is able to analyse a large number (typically >100) of capsules or coated tablets. Once a model is built the user simply fills the removable tray and loads it into the instrument. The analysis is automated and the in-built multivariate analysis and reporting tools convert your batch samples into CU test results. The software is 21CFR part 11 compliant.

Our technology is specific and sensitive for nearly all APIs, excipients and lubricants but is largely insensitive to interference from water/moisture, content density or surface coatings.

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