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Spray Drying Process Development and Contract Manufacturing

GEA Niro

GEA Niro’s capabilities within spray drying process development helps determine the feasibility of spray drying and addresses basic formulation questions at an early stage of the drug development phase. With GEA Niro’s DRYING KINETICS ANALYZERTM, it is possible to conduct essential tests with only a few ml of material available – thereby at a very early stage.

GEA Niro’s test facility includes spray dryers with several capacities and is available for spray drying process development and contract manufacturing in any quantity from a few g/hr to several kg/hr.

It is available for production of both non-cGMP samples for technical analysis and product development, and for production of clinical trial materials and commercial production under cGMP conditions.

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The GEA Niro Pharma Test Station is a cGMP facility with two GEA Niro PHARMASD™ spray dryers; a PSD-1 lab size unit suitable for initial test under cGMP conditions and small productions, and a PSD-4 production unit.

A dedicated staff of test engineers and process technologists ensure that our clients have access to the latest in spray drying technology and an unmatched pool of spray drying process expertise. We work with a multitude of companies within development and production of pharmaceuticals and pharma-grade products.

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