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Specialist Label Constructions

CCL Label

IV Hanger Labels/ Multiwrap/ Traceability Labels – Stick & Lift/ Incapsule.

IV Hanger Labels

Made from high resistance material that combines product labelling with a built in hanging device enabling the hanging of intravenous packs for significant cost savings.


The Multi Wrap® Label provides a large body of information without requiring more space than a traditional label. The label is printed on the front and back and constructed so that it can be wound several times around a cylindrical item. It is easily opened to reveal full text and is resealable. Ideal for small bottles with limited space.

Traceability Labels – Stick & Lift

Traceability Labels offer the option to remove specific parts of the label and transfer to items such as a patient’s chart or on smaller containers of the same medication. Different solutions are possible, depending on the security level that is required and on the size of the container. This feature can be combined into various label constructions including booklet labels.


100% laminated label, encompassing a fully incapsulated leaflet/booklet. The leaflet/booklet can be removed and replaced multiple times whilst keeping the protective barrier intact. Ideal for use in damp/wet conditions.

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