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Rotary Double Cone Vacuum Dryer / Powderer – CRIOX System


CRIOX System, an international Italvacuum patent that counts more than 400 units operating in more than 30 countries, consists of a rotary vacuum dryer/powderer capable to total extract all types of solvents from the wet powders coming from filtering or centrifuge.

Electrical lump-breaker units

The central body of the CRIOX System is made of a double cone chamber, characterised by smooth surfaces without edges and sharp corners. During the system rotation, this structure helps the total and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and allows a homogenous and delicate mixing.


The double cone shape of the rotary chamber would not be effective in itself if it did not contain inside two powerful electrical lump-breaker units – which are the peculiar characteristic of the CRIOX System – allowing for the increase of the product surface exposed to the evaporation and to enhance the mixing efficacy of the system.

The lump-breaker units applied to the double cone not only breaks the eventual pre-existing agglomerates in the wet powders thus preventing the forming of lumps, moreover they also allow for grinding and powdering during the last drying phase, limiting and in some cases avoiding the use of the mill. This helps having bulk products ready for bagging or powders with checked final particle size distribution, where the next operation is often limited to a sifting phase.

Biting in the core of the product being dried, the patented lump breakers considerably reduce the drying time and ensure very low final moisture contents and a perfect homogeneity of the dried batch. Furthermore they allow to operate with a temperature that – on the average – is much lower than in any other dryer. This is an advantage for the purity of thermo-sensitive products, more delicate, as it avoid their chemical degradation.
Effective filtering systems

In vacuum drying processes, the filtering unit must be able to keep all the powder in the drying chamber, letting only the solvent vapours pass through. At the same time, it must ensure the lowest possible pressure drop, in order to achieve very low final pressure values.

Special filtering systems can meet all the process requirements: i.e. metal sintered cartridge filters or PTFE filters, suitable for very thin powders and whose effectiveness during the process is ensured by an automatic CIP system for nitrogen back-flow washing.

Clean room installation

CRIOX can be easily cleaned both inside and outside. Thanks to the waterproof casing of the entire machine (cGMP "particle free" configuration), covering insulation, electrical and hydraulic circuits, the external cleaning is extremely easy and effective as it permits to remove the product deposits from slots and joints. This characteristic, combined to the "partitioning" solution, permits the installation in clean room, allowing the pressurisation and separation of the sterile room from the technical one.


CRIOX is multi-product. It can be used with the widest range of possible products with crystalline or amorphous structure.
CRIOX is multi-purpose. It can also be used as an effective fast blender or homogeniser.

CRIOX is versatile and profitable: specific and patented solutions have been studied for automatic loading and unloading and also in order to wash, to clean through and to inspect the plant before changing the batch. Only few rinses with small quantities of fluid are necessary to achieve the required p.p.m. values. This means the opportunity to pass quickly from one product campaign to another, as production demands.

CRIOX is completely safe for both operators and product, for it has been designed and built in compliance with the ever more severe safety regulations and with FDA, cGMP and ATEX standards.

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