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Protein Crystallisation

Greiner Bio-One

Including 96 Well CrystalQuick™ Plates and CrystalDrop™ Lid among others.

96 Well CrystalQuick™ Plates

In cooperation with the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) in San Diego (USA), the Max- Planck Institute (MPI) and the Protein Structure Factory (PSF) in Berlin, Greiner Bio-One has developed a family of 96 well crystallisation plates for sitting drop applications. Each of the 96 reservoirs contains an elevated platform with either one or three crystallisation wells. The plates are optimised for sealing with VIEWseal™ adhesive film. In combination with the CrystalDrop™ lid, simultaneous experiments are possible with the sitting drop and hanging drop method. The external dimensions and tolerances of the CrystalQuick™ plates are suitable for automated applications. All CrystalQuick™ plates are available in an LBR version for the use of polarised light. Plates with a hydrophobic surface can be found in the table under CrystalQuick™ Plus plates.

CrystalDrop™ Lid

The CrystalDrop™ lid was developed in cooperation with the Max- Planck Institute (MPI) and the Protein Structure Factory (PSF) in Berlin specifically for use in high-throughput crystallisation. The 192 wells of CrystalDrop™make it possible to place the sample drops at predefined positions. The printed grid facilitates the automated monitoring of the crystallisation drops. Channels around each of the 96 positions enable the individual sealing of each well by the application of silicone grease. The combination of CrystalDrop™ and CrystalQuick™ makes it possible to conduct up to 288 sitting drop and 192 hanging drop experiments in parallel (a total of 480 crystallisation drops per plate). CrystalDrop™ is suitable for the application of crystallisation drops and the attachment to CrystalQuick™ plates by robots. CrystalDrop™ is also available pre-greased.

24 Well Combo Plate

The ComboPlate™ was developed as universal platform forcrystallisation in the 24 well format in cooperation with Hampton Research. Clear polystyrene in combination with a flat, distortion-free bottom offers excellent optical properties. A flattened, raised ring around each well reduces the risk of cross-contamination and makes it possible to seal the wells with silicone grease and coverslips (ø 18 mm) or VIEWseal™ sealer (Cat.-No. 676 070). A slightly raised lid protects the coverslips and sealer during transportation and storage.


Sitting drop experiments are possible using the CrystalBridge™ inserts which fit exactly into the wells of the ComboPlate™. The well with a concave bottom integrated into the CrystalBridge™ has a volume of 45 μl. If necessary, CrystalBridge™ inserts can be transferred to another well during the course of an experiment.

IMP@CT Plates 96 + 1536 Well

IMP@CT™ plates are microplates for high-throughput crystallisation, specially designed for microbatch applications under oil. The IMP@CT™ crystallisation plates are characterised by conical wells with a flat bottom. The conical form of the wells has the effect of centrally localising the crystallisation drops, even when small sample volumes are used. The flat well bottom makes for optimal monitoring of the crystallisation samples. An appropriate lid is available.

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