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MENE Research

TAKE - MENE Pharmacovigilance provides the life science industry with strategy, solutions and services for drug safety operations and pharmacovigilance , built on advanced platforms to thereby ensure global regulatory compliance and effective patient safety methodologies.

TAKE’s industry leading drug safety framework – SafetyReady™ in association with the regional expertise brought in by Mene Research ensures that customers benefit with highly efficient, proactive and affordable solutions and services to meet global pharmacovigilance needs of sponsor companies, affiliates and agencies.

Experienced, high caliber, and well trained professionals.

  1. Decades of acquired expertise
  2. Worldwide offices in Europe, Asia and North America
  3. Global 24/7 multilingual support
  4. Global drug safety regulatory expertise
  5. Comprehensive training including eLearning, remote sessions and
  6. face-to-face solutions
  7. Enterprise-wide Quality Management System

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