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Mini Booklets


With up to 388 pages, Euker’s mini booklets are the ideal solution for you! These will give you plenty of space for even the most extensive information in all colours and a wide variety of formats.

Their modern binding machines guarantee high-quality glued or spiral binding. The subsequent punching gives you precisely the desired format. With fully automated confectioners, which have been developed especially for this purpose, they can combine your booklet with accordion-fold brochures, labels or other printing goods.

Product overview booklets:

  • Mini booklets
  • Brochures with a format up to DIN A4
  • Mini booklets with fold-out pages
  • Mini booklets combined with other printing goods

Technical info:

  • 8 colours
  • Offset printing
  • Different kinds of paper
  • Glue-folded, perfect bound, stapled
  • Fully automated combination with other printing goods
  • 2-3 combined as a bundle
  • 12 – 388 pages
  • 1.5 – 50 mm spine thickness
  • Format from 25 x 25 mm up to DIN A4
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