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Medicinal Chemistry Services


Mercachem can work on the following type of projects:
  • Design and synthesis of druglike compounds
  • Hit optimization
  • Hit-to-Lead
  • Lead optimization
  • Experimental measurement of physical and chemical properties

The basis of this service from Mercachem is two-fold: the vast experience in pre-clinical research in pharmaceutical industry of our staff, and the broad knowledge in synthetic organic chemistry.

Using a wide variety of optimization tools we can help you to select your candidate compounds. Many tools are available in-house. For more specialized tools we cooperate with established independent CRO’s.

Optimization tools available in-house:

  • A thorough knowledge of preparative organic chemistry
  • Design and synthesis of focused libraries
  • SAR studies
  • Chemoinformatics
  • Physico-chemical properties: solubility, stability, LogD, logP.
  • Analysis of metabolites

With these tools, projects can be tailored to the needs of the client.

Mercachem is not pursuing a MedChem IP portfolio; intellectual property of the Medicinal Organic Chemistry Projects remains with our client.

We would be pleased to provide you with a more detailed presentation. If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us. (fact sheet)

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