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Medical Information

Aris Global

Aris Global offers a comprehensive medical information software solution to help today's life sciences organisation facilitate the intake, handling, routing and fulfillment of medical inquiries.

agInquirer™: Medical Information Management

agInquirer supports the day-to-day business needs of the medical information department by providing an intuitive solution to manage and distribute consistent and accurate product information to many different stakeholders, including patients and healthcare professionals. This enables organisations to be much more efficient in their operations, lowering operational costs and, at the same time, reducing the risk of liability and increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Key benefits:

  • Improves quality, consistency and speed of responses and information distribution
  • Increases operational efficiency, productivity and cost reduction
  • Reduces risk of liability through more accurate and consistent information dissemination
  • Automates inquiry response generation with pre-built templates
  • Deploys powerful and personalized dashboards based on user roles
  • Improves compliance, adherence to regulations and audit trail
  • Allows full lifecycle tracking of safety and product complaint-related inquiries
  • Builds a structured knowledge base and history of inquiries and responses
  • Provides management reports, trending, performance metrics

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