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Validation columns with 1cm2 cross sectional area and to the precise length of your process column. Ideal for scale-down studies for virus clearance, CIP validation and lot-to-lot validations etc.

Save time, effort and cost: outsource tedious column packing.

Above all, use reliably packed, quality performance units with your own chosen resin, even your own specific resin lot, if necessary.

Specify prepacked columns to perform your validation of lot-to-lot consistency of resins or for virus and other validation studies, (eg CIP or clearance).

Professionally packed into precision bore glass columns with accurate compression to represent conditions in your production column for a price that cannot be matched.

Atoll will pack any resin of your choice or your own specific resin into columns with the length to match the purification scheme of the customer.

               Validation columns 1ml/cm L
               Lengths from 10 – 60 cm

Certified with asymmetry factor, plate number and pressure flow data.

MediaScout ValiChrom

MediaScout ValiChrom glass columns are available customised to different inner geometries and come professionally packed with any resin or chromatography media. These are individually flow-packed, either according to resin manufacturers’ recommendations or customised, in order to precisely mimic the conditions in corresponding full scale columns. Thus, the ValiChrom represent an exact scale-down model of the respective full-scale column and are ideally suited for parameter evaluation and optimisation, as well as for process validation purposes, both utilising the original bed height and resin compression at the smallest feasible inner diameters.

ValiChrom columns are available in inner diameters of 5mm, 8mm, 11.3mm and 16mm and with any fixed bed heights ranging from 2cm up to 60cm.

The ValiChrom range is designed for qualitative and quantitative resin screening experiments and/or small scale methods development work. They are unique in their ability to provide a reliably packed and valid evaluation system for comparisons of dissimilar resin types.

The simple fixed bed height design of the ValiChrom columns allows to avoid complicated adaptor constructions. Therefore, these columns are available at comparatively moderate pricing.

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