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Screening of separation materials and method optimisation in ready-to-use LC-columns. Any resin you require, packed under correct compression, in valid identical geometries.

Forget about column packing with separation media from different manufacturers!

In the past no commercially available product allowed the comparison of separation performances of dissimilar chromatographic media, from a specifically defined biological source.

Test kits from different manufacturers, (if at all available) differed in system, volume of resin and geometry of test columns. As a result they were NOT directly comparable. Reliable performance data were not easily obtained.

MediaScout MiniChrom

• Drastically reduces development time and related costs
• Saves tedious packing of columns
• Delivers reproducible results
• Optimises experimental procedures by selecting the right chromatographic media
• For the purification of biotechnologically produced pharmaceutical compounds

Available sizes:(mm.ID.x mmL)

5 x 10 = 0.2 ml          
5 x 25 = 0.5ml          
5 x 50 = 1.0 ml      8 x 20 = 1.0 ml     
                            8 x 50 = 2.5ml     
                            8 x 100 = 5.0ml            11.3 x 50 = 5.0 ml
                                                              11.3 x 100 = 10.0 ml

• Packs of 5 x prepacked columns, off the shelf or according to your specifications allow a direct comparison of resin performance
• Choose your specific settings and media in a kit, and we will deliver them pre-packed in columns, readily configured to meet your needs
• Customised media packing is also available
Generate your own personalised column settings on our online shop

For more information, please download our free white paper.

For further questions and inquiries call us or write to us at:
Tel: +49 (0) 751 – 56 121 0
Fax: +49 (0) 751 – 56 121 70

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