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Label Materials for Hanging Devices

Avery Dennison

The use of self-adhesive laminate for hanging devices is becoming increasingly common in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. These applications offer an economical solution for hanging glass bottles containing fluids for intravenous delivery. Furthermore, by combining label strength and tear resistance with high-shear adhesives, the weight of either glass or plastic bottles is firmly supported.

These self-adhesive products must exhibit characteristics which contribute to the functional performance of the final label and support compliance with relevant ISO and DIN norms.

Avery Dennison offers high tear-resistant Valéron® film and low-stretch PP125 combined with high adhesion and shear-resistant adhesives such as Fasson® S697, S517N and S700. These adhesives fulfill requirements for good water resistance, sterilisation and stability over time.

Typically intended for use with a variety of bottle sizes, including 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml, these labels stick directly to the containers or bottles and are designed with pre-cut, ungummed sections that form a handle for suspension of the bottle. Here, material selection, label design, and consideration of the adhesive surface area that is in contact with the bottle all become critical success factors in the development of effective hanging devices.

Self-adhesive products, high-tear-resistant valeron film and low- stretch PP125

Valéron® Films:

  • High (propagated) tear-resistant Valéron® films are multi-layer polyethylene cross-weave laminates
  • Displays outstanding mechanical and chemical properties
  • Available in various thicknesses, white or clear, corona or printing treatment
  • Suitable to hang max. 1,000ml bottles with the right face material thickness

Fasson® PP 125:

  • Top white or clear version
  • Strong, low stretch, good tear-resistant polypropylene film
  • Suitable to hang max. 500ml bottles with optimised label shape and thickness

Services (MOQ 1000 m2 and Gumpatterns available on demand):

  • VALERON® 175 TOP WHITE / S700 / BG55WH
  • VALERON® 165 WHITE / S700 / BG55WH
  • VALERON® 100 CLEAR / S517N / BG40WH
  • PP 125 TOP CLEAR / S697SGP / BG45WH
  • PP 125 TOP WHITE / S697SGP / BG45WH
  • PP 125 TOP CLEAR / S517NSGP / BG45WH
  • PP 125 TOP WHITE / S517N SGP / BG45WH

High adhesion and shear-resistant adhesives for hanging devices

  • Fasson® S697 adhesive: A high tack solvent acrylic adhesive with very good adhesion performance on a wide range of substrates
  • Fasson® S517N adhesive: A super clear solvent acrylic adhesive with very high adhesion to glass containers
  • Fasson® S700 adhesive: A clear solvent acrylic adhesive with good tack and adhesion performance on apolar surfaces such as polyethylene bottles and packaging films
  • Good resistance to heat, spills or solvents
  • Suitable for autoclave, Gamma, ETO sterilisation (paper labels)
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