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Farfield AnaLight® 4D Workstation

Farfield Group

Supremely sensitive, the Farfield AnaLight quantifies real-time protein conformational changes and membrane structure, to reveal the mechanisms underpinning biomolecular interactions.

Life Science Applications

  • Real Time, Label Free dynamic measurement of conformational changes in proteins
  • Unique birefringence capability measures order in supported lipid bilayers
  • Accurate real-time measurements of peptide orientation in self assembled monolayer films
  • Establish reproducible supported lipid bilayers and tethered liposomes to probe lipid peptide interactions
  • Characterise adsorption, absorption and pore formation process
  • Measurement of Kinetics, Affinity and Stoichiometry of interactions
  • Measure orientation of captured proteins

Biophysical Measurements

  • Thickness, Refractive index, mass and birefringence
  • No data fitting, easy interpretation
  • Independent determination of thickness and refractive index
  • Similar resolution to neutron reflection but in a laboratory based instrument
  • Direct comparison with X-Ray, NMR and high resolution biophysics in real time format

Farfield’s proprietary technology is developed on the principles of Dual Polarisation Interferometry. Two polarisations of light pass through the waveguide sensor and interact with the molecular layer, each producing a different response in the observed interference pattern. From the resulting measurements of changes in RI, values of size, density and mass can be calculated.

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